Who we are!


It all started when…

A few of us were having a beer and the conversation turned to how we could put our resources and skills together to support small charities.

We thought we would start a group that would make a quarterly contribution and give charities a chance to be heard by a diverse group of individuals who can help them achieve their goals.

We hope that the group becomes more than just a means to give financially! We hope that connections are made that assist these great causes in many ways.

We plan to add a youth group to our events in the future and to create an annual online auction of items from our companies, friends and family that will benefit one of our recipient charities.

With a little effort - with a little money, with a few nights of our time we can make a difference!

Founding Members:

John Bradley

Dan Delaney

Mike de Waal

Lori Dyck

Ian Faris

Gordon Frosst

Shannon Gorman

Danielle Grant

Sarah Hunter

Andrew Jones

Robert Kadas

Andy Lonie

Rob Mills

Richard Poole

Cara Salci

Michael Sangster